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Trading style and psychology of FII, DII, banks and foreign institutes are taught which helps you to catch fast price movement either upside or downside. It helps you make huge profits in a shorter period of time in the stock market, commodity market and forex market. With immense knowledge through advanced technical analysis courses, you can make a mark in the market. These provide you the efficient knowledge about trading making you fit to face any situation.

Using our Advance TechnicalAanalysis Course, you can predict price movement much before it happened. You can find zones and areas on the chart where major price movement will take place. You can initiate your position there much before the crowd so that your entry will be before them, which rolls much more profit to your side than theirs. You don’t need any software or indicator to look for those zones. Our RRR and sleeping tiger methodology will let you make much more profit in comparison using basic technical analysis course.

The concept of trading with demand zone and supply zone is better understood in advance technical courses in Delhi India. With fast and accurate entry it makes you trade like an adept expertise. All important orders rest in this zone to be executed so when the price reaches this level the movement is generally fast and profits are generated easily.

You will learn – how to use news; upgrades and downgrades; result period of stocks; rbi policy; foreign currency in your favor; a strategy to tackle traps led by institutes to take control of people money. All this becomes feasible with the assistance of technical analysis course advance; it makes sure you are eternally equipped with the optimal.

This method is so powerful that it works in any market – stock, commodity, forex, any index– dow zones, dax, nifty etc, any time frame – 1 min, 15 min, 1 hour, 1 day, weekly, monthly, yearly chart.

advance technical analysis course
Demand and Supply Zone


The best opportunities lie where we buy stocks at wholesale price (cheapest price) and sell at the retail (expensive) price. This concept is discussed on this level of course.


Sector rotation

There are apprehensions of one sector being a better performer than other at a particular time in a business cycle. We can make apparent when a particular sector starts performing and time the market by this advance demand and supply strategy. It does not employ much efforts to shift from one sector to the other when crisis occur.


Algorithmic trading

In simple terminology, it means executing complex maths. Also known as Algo trading or automated trading, it takes to buy and sell decision based on the strategy defined without any human intervention, and forwards the trade for execution automatically from the computer to exchange. Unlike human trader, more than hundreds of trades can be executed tirelessly by a computer by a computer program. You can call it Robo-trading, benefits include trading without human emotions, which is the main reason for people to blow out their account. Compared to hiring a professional, this offers low-cost trading software. It is a new concept in India and it is covered in our algorithmic trading course.


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