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After Learning Trading Strategies You will be capable to
  • Understand

    You will be able to understand how market works and the movement of shares, commodity, option and future and Forex market and will be able to take rational and quick decisions about investment and trading.

  • Plan

    You can plan which stock to buy at the right time or at the right price. You can plan your trade with discipline, patience and with confidence. Right Knowledge is power which gives you necessary tools for planning your trade.

  • Implement

    You will be able to implement the concepts taught in classes and workshop. We focus mostly on implementation because we believe bookish knowledge is useless until, it is applied and used practically.

  • Certified Technical Analysis – CTA1
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    This module has been prepared with a view to provide a complete and in depth knowledge about technical analysis. Helpful to understand market's comprehensive technical and fundamental approach. Why should one take this course? To have a basic understanding about fundamental analysis. To learn the basic stock valuation methodology for stock deriving. (Appropriate analysis forms the basis of successful investment decisions). To understand the basics of technical analysis. To obtain comprehensive knowledge about technical analysis. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of technical and fundamental analysis over all markets (...

  • Certified Futures and Options Trading Technical Analysis – CAF01
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    This module discusses the objectives of defined and approved future and options strategies and the conditions under which they are successful. There are array of strategies available for trading Future and options. This module sets a goal to provide a complete and in depth knowledge about implementation of arranged strategies with a complete technical analysis approach. Why should one take this course? To learn about the various future and option strategies. To understand the Algorithm Trading. To obtain working knowledge of demand and supply zones with technical analysis. To understand the pricing mechanism of commodity future...