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Professional Traders Academy is Brain Child of Mr Yatharth. ( Master in Business Economics from Delhi University), Master Trader, Entrepreneur , Philanthropist and Successful Businessman are few of the words used to describe him. A Millionaire by his Twenties, he has achieved Financial Freedom early in Life. He is Director of  RBI Registered Companies and Business Owner of Many Brands. To help people reach their Financial Goals and to be Financially Free , he has started this Organization. He strongly believes that it is right of every one to be Rich and Prosperous. To beat Inflation , putting your Hard earned money in Bank is not Enough. You need to invest in Stock Market so that you can increase your Wealth many times compared to increasing Inflation.

Many Institute teach only Normal Investing methods and Bookish Knowledge about Trading , which is not sufficient  for students to understand the In-Depth knowledge about Trading . Trading is a Serious Business , which gives Quick results Only if done properly. He has understood the Shortage of Institutes giving Practical Training about trading and delve into Teaching Profession to help People generate Profits and amass huge Wealth.