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  • What is Technical Analysis?
    December 17, 2018

    Technical analysis is a method of predicting the price movement of a share price in near future on the bases of its past performance. Technical analysis firstly introduced by Charles Dow in 1800 late. After Charles Dow many researchers has contributed in it and made it successful with the help of many indicators, patterns, and signals. Technical analysis experts think…

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  • Importance of Capital and How to Multiply Your Capital
    June 27, 2018

      Just imagine yourself on the exotic beaches of Hawaii or stomach wrenching roller coaster at Walt Disney in Europe. Most of us would like to be at those places. But is it possible for a middle class or lower class human to do that with his or her limited capital? No. Money is the power which can buy each…

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  • Situation in Crypto Currency market after RBI Regulations
    June 20, 2018

    For those who did not know the news about RBI regulation, we would like to inform you that Reserve Bank of India is clamping down on financial institutions not to fund any cryptocurrency trade in India. So basically you cannot buy a BitCoin or sell it through Indian financial system anymore. The price of cryptocurrencies nosedived after the RBI ban.…

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  • What is Gann Time Cycle and its use in Stock Market
    December 20, 2017

    William Delbert Gann was apparently one of the most victorious stocks and commodity traders that we ever had. A trader who created the technical analysis tools named as Gann Angles, Square of 9, Hexagon, and Circle of 360. W.D. Gann's market predicting methods were based on geometry, astronomy and astrology, and ancient mathematics. He was born in Lufkin, in the…

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  • 10 Big Myths Behind Technical Analysis
    November 28, 2017

    A major segment of the trading population criticizes technical analysis as a phony study of charts and patterns without any actual, decisive, or money-making results. Some delusions about technical analysis are based on learning and teaching (for instance, a trader trained on using only fundamentals may not be convinced technical analysis at all). Some myths are based on experience (for…

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